Weight loss and fitness

Height: 5'5
HW/SW: 134 1st April 2012
CW: 122
GW: 112


Hate my appearance, can’t even look at photos without dying inside. My face, hair, body are all one big ugly mess.

Scale has been 126.2 (or more) for literally weeks. I hope for my own sanity it goes down by friday. Although I don’t know if these scales are accurate, i’m probably¬†secretly¬†150 or something, thats what I look like.¬†

Need to try harder

2 years ago
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Goals for June:

Drink LOTS of water

Be active, run atleast 20 of the days

No fizzy drinks/sugary snacks

By the end be 122pounds (a challenge as ive been on around 126 for weeks now)

Overall I hope to have more energy, feel fitter and happier :)

Hope June is a good month for me

2 years ago
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Exams are over and I have no excuses now!

Been on treadmill yesterday and today. Hope to go on it 4-5 times a week, around school and work.

Am about 126pounds. Will weigh tomorrow morning for an accurate measurement.

Determined to do this.

My legs and stomach are still disgusting, need to lose weight then tone them

2 years ago
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The past 2 weeks or so I’ve stayed at 127-128, then the past couple of days I’ve been really stressed and ate loads. Then today I’m 126.2, doesn’t really make sense :’)

Can’t wait to see the scale say 8stone14!

I’m happy because I felt rubbish after eating all the chocolate/crap but it hasn’t affected it so I can forget about it and move on

Next week I can start properly exercising, just need to get these exams out of the way -_-

2 years ago
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